What To Say When I Want To Date A Russian Girl

What To Say When I Want To Date A Russian Girl

Taboo Topics for a first Conversation with Russian Girl

When a man finally says “I want to date a Russian girl,” shortly after that statement comes the question of  whether there are any how to date Russian girl tips, particularly pertaining to the art of conversation?  A man wants to naturally impress a first date Russian lady, and he can do that just by knowing all the right things to say and when to say them.  Here’s some advice you can put to use as you work on wooing your potential bride.

When engaged in online cross cultural dating it is important to avoid those topics that are taboo for the first initial talk.  You want to come across as serious and you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, especially when making a connection with a new Russian lady of interest.  These topics should, at all costs, be avoided, at least until the relationship has evolved into something more serious: religion, politics and sex.  The latter lesson is one in universally understood etiquette and it is because such topics can prove so thorny in a talk.  In an effort to avoid being put into an awkward position or to make your female friend feel awkward, refrain from discussing these things until the time is right.

Relax During Your Communications

Relax during your conversations and keep the talk light and casual.  Slowly get to know one another, but don’t push any issues.  You might want to consider talking about how you are making a connection and how it makes you feel to connect in such a way.  Definitely stay away from topics that carry negative connotations and energies, such as ex-lovers, ex-spouses, and, god forbid, current lovers!  Don’t compare her to anyone else and don’t talk badly about anyone.  Keep the conversation light, happy, and comfortable and make her feel comfortable with you so she will be willing to communicate again in the future.

It’s Not All About You

The talk should not be all about you so don’t focus solely on yourself just to fill the silent spots – this will make you come across as egocentric.  Instead, ask her lots of good questions like where she is from, what her family is like, some of her cultural traditions, and what she likes in the way of the arts, music, literature, movies, hobbies, and more.  The conversation should flow smoothly from there as you both begin to share back and forth your likes, dislikes, and interests.  Pay attention to the cues you get in the conversation – you can do this by being an attentive reader or listener.  Don’t be afraid to ask clarification questions about what is said or written.